About Us

Legend Paddles is a proud locally owned Christchurch based company. The company is owned and managed by Len Smyth. Len has been part of New Zealand’s kayaking industry for over 25 years. He has been involved in many kayaking disciplines from adventure racing and multisport to sea expedition. Such experience has provided Len with the necessary knowledge needed to help guide and advise customers with the paddle selection process.

Legend’s philosophy of making the very best paddles we can is achieved by our first class methods of production. Our handcrafted blades are produced using only the finest materials we can source. Now in our sixth year of producing full carbon blades we have shown the way forward ot other local manufacturers who have followed our trend.

Legend Paddles is dedicated to providing customers with the strongest and most advanced designed racing paddle it can. At the same time making the paddle light and easy to use. To ensure all paddlers are catered for, Legend Paddles have created a multi-style range of blades. Whether you require a softer feel, stronger feel or want to increase your cadence, most demands can be met by our holistic range of paddle styles.  We believe our paddles are some of the lightest and strongest you’ll find anywhere, and we stand proudly beside every paddle we sell.

At Legend Paddles we are constantly continuing to research both our designs and the material that we use ensuring that our performance paddles continue to be the market leader in this country. Each year our selection of paddles grows offering you even more choice!